Our Capabilities

  • World class research and development support to the department of defense, industry and government customers
  • Air and Missile Defense
  • High Level Systems Engineering support across Services and Agencies.
  • Mission-focused support. Highly technically oriented.
  • Scientist, Physicist, Researchers and Engineers
Current Support
  • Technical Integration of systems engineering for Cross-Service kill chains against air, cruise and hyper sonic threats.
  • Defining modeling and simulation environments to perform detailed analysis of elements of the kill chain to include track management, combat identification, integrated fire control and engagement coordination.
  • Defining joint combat identification interoperable concepts and coordination of those concepts across the Services.
  • Coordinating the definition and evaluation of integrated fire control capabilities to include evaluation for requirements against supersonic and hyper sonic threats.
  • Supporting evaluation of Advanced Tracking Filter technologies and definition of future tracking architecture improvements.